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Disability Insurance

Typically when people become disabled their expenses become overwhelming. Without the income coming in, they resort to emptying their savings. And even more typically, the average family doesn’t have enough in reserves to handle a long term disability lasting longer than 90 days. This unfortunately forces the families to make sacrifices and one of the sacrifices very commonly is the disabled person will go back to work before they are fully recovered. This is why disability insurance is priceless. Having a new stream of income (typically 60% of your normal income, tax-free) during a disability allows the disabled person not only to recover completely, but also reduces the additional stress that would have been caused by the financial strain on the people they love.

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I am one of those guys that doesn’t like to take crazy pharmaceutical concoctions like Vicotine and Percocet so when I had lower back pain my only option was ice. Then my doctor recommended a marijuana prescription since it was natural, so that I was ok with. Well 6 months later I decided it was time to get life insurance. Well apparently insurance companies say that people that smoke pot are just as bad as pack-a-day cigarette smokers! Well Kyle asked his broker dealer and his broker dealer sai…
Carlos A.