About The Owner Kyle Hara

Kyle Hara is a California Native, born and raised in Santa Monica Mr. Hara has always had a passion for working with people and being involved with the community. In August of 2003, he took that passion into the insurance industry. Since then, Mr. Hara has worked with hundreds of families and become an honorary family member in many of them. Over the past decade, Mr. Hara’s personal life has lead him to specialize in the field of long term care. Holding both designations, Certified in Long Term Care(CLTC) and Long Term Care Professional(LTCP), he helps educate families and professionals about the different strategies available throughout the industry. Mr. Hara serves on the board of directors of Kiwanis Club of La Canada and the La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce and is a proud supporter of many other neighborhood organizations. He is a proud resident of the Foothills community and proud father to his amazing daughter, Brylee. Learn More About Kyle >>

History of Hara Financial

The Rooster is an ancient Chinese zodiac that was later adopted by the Japanese. As there are 12 zodiac animals, one stands out as the most important for this company. The Rooster. The year of the rooster is
significant for Hara Financial & Insurance Services. During a year of the rooster, the first Hara was born. Later throughout the legacy of the Hara family, in another year of the Rooster, Kyle Hara was born. He later married an amazing woman Elodie in 2005 another year of the Rooster, which led to the love of his life, his daughter, Brylee. Therefore, the Hara name was born, Kyle Hara was born, and Kyle’s family was born by marriage, all during a year of the rooster. So Kyle Honors his name, he honors himself, and he honors his family by making the year of the Rooster his company symbol.